Web Development

Creative, beautiful and innovative web design

Vitosha offers you all of their web designer professionals combined knowledge and experience, to provide you with the information you need to successfully plan, create, maintain and expose your Website project.

Building a creative, beautiful and innovative web design!

Millions upon millions of websites clutter the internet, so how will you stand out from your competition? Having a great products help, but with so many options out there, you have very little time to convince someone to stay on your site long enough to get to know you. This is where our design expertise comes in to help you. With a professional looking website, your clients will perceive you as being a real, trustworthy company.

Web Application Development
Could your site use a little "jazz"? Maybe a new Flash? How about some E-Commerce support? Or even the ability for you to change the content of the site without having to ask someone to do it for you (CMS)? Databases? We do all of it, and much more.

Responsive Web Development is an excellent solution for developing all devices’ friendly Web Applications and Websites. At Vitosha, we have been the front runner with our excellent experience in Responsive Web Development using industry standard frameworks and coding standards, including Bootstrap, Foundation, HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. Our front-end developers stay immersed in the latest technologies, letting them execute designs and match actual design pixel by pixel.

We build clean, usable and responsive applications and websites that are responsive and content focused. Responsive design is a forward-thinking technology, so we develop sites that will work on next year’s devices as well. Our responsive websites changes its appearance and layout based on the size of the screen the website is displayed on.