Cloud Computing

Enterprise-level cloud computing solutions

With the penetration of cloud technology these days, most enterprises are adopting cloud servers to improve enterprise productivity by overcoming the wastage of enterprise resources and various other challenges they come across while using traditional physical servers.

Based on the needs and requirements of the Businesses, Vitosha provides the most scalable and customized cloud computing solutions which ensure seamless integration into both public and private environments.

Backed by the reliability and performance, our enterprise-level cloud computing solutions integrate with the in-house systems to empower your workforce by adding extra layers of backup and security to protect the enterprise data.

Cloud consulting expertise

  • Exploratory evaluations
  • Cloud value assessment
  • Cloud TCO assessment
  • Compliance and regulatory implications assessment
  • Security and data sovereignty implications assessment
  • Availability and BCP implications assessment
  • Enterprise adaptation needs assessment
  • Operating model adaptation assessment

Cloud strategy

  • Information and workloads classification strategy
  • Migration assessment: Current vs. asset light vs. virtualized vs. cloud
  • Migration strategy
  • Governance strategy
  • Compliance strategy
  • Converged cloud strategiesEcosystem leveraging strategiesCloud internalization strategy: Consumption, administration, and governance
  • IT strategy reengineering for cloud inclusion
  • Cloud exit strategy

Solution and technology consulting

  • Service provider decisions
  • Platform and technology decisions
  • Frameworks, building blocks, appliances, and service providers decisions
  • Enterprise integration decisions: Data, identity, and systems
  • Compliance and security consulting
  • Capacity planning and sizing
  • Solution architecture
  • HA, DR & BCP solutions